Technical Downloads

Listed below are the publications from The RD Mathis Company, along with a brief description. Click the links below for a PDF version.

Vacuum Evaporation Sources Catalogue

We offer evaporation sources for many optical, solar, semiconductor, functional, decorative, energy, organic as well as specialty materials.

Low Voltage, High Current AC Power Supplies

Specialists in the custom fabrication of Hi-Vacuum evaporation sources with complete and highly flexible refractory capabilities.

Inert Gas Purifier - "GP100"

Designed to fill the needs of research & development engineers, scientists, and production staff to provide a lightweight, compact, low-cost inert gas purification system.

Thin Film Evaporation Materials Source Reference Guide

Reference materials, calculators and guide for RD Mathis thin film evaporation materials source references.

Vacuum Evaporation Power Requirement Table

The intended use of the Power vs. Temperature table is to determine the voltage and current required to raise a given source to the temperature noted.

Evaporation of Metals from a Covered Boat Source

Evaporation boat sources made from tungsten, tantalum, or molybdenum for thin film deposition in thermal vacuum evaporation systems used metal pieces.

Silicon Monoxide Evaporation with the Multi-Baffled Box Source

Sufficient baffling to ensure a pure vapor stream, free of powder particles

Silicon Monoxide - Properties and Evaporation Techniques 

The most important parameters to be controlled are total pressure during evaporation and deposition source temperature.

Evaporation with the Single Grain Box Source

The evaporation of these materials from a conventional boat or crucible source leads to films of graded composition.

The Purification of Inert Gases

Inert gases are primarily purified by three processes: a stringently controlled fractional distillation leading to bottled specialty gases, diffusion, and two forms of chem- adsorption

Evaporation Source Selection Guide

This source selection guide is provided to help you determine which evaporation source type might fit your needs the best.

Cool Lip Crucible Flyer

Control the wetting of the aluminum and minimize any migration of the aluminum out of the crucible.