The majority of our customers come to us with specific materials or instruments in mind, and they value our commitment to providing high-quality goods and trustworthy services. However, some are unsure of the ideal product for their particular needs. With the help of our technical experts, we collaborate with you to comprehend the issue at hand and offer a range of solutions.

Target Bonding

Testbourne offers a complementary service to our Sputtering Target business by providing target bonding by various metallic or silver epoxy techniques. Target Bonding is a crucial process and the exact method employed varies depending on the choice of sputtering target material. 

Chemical Analysis

Testbourne supply a Certificate of Analysis as standard with all materials ordered. For each element and compound,  X-ray diffraction and spectrographic analysis are performed and data is provided for non-metallic contaminants like Oxygen upon request.


Testbourne can provide a thorough reclamation service for precious metals and other materials. We can refine your old sputtering targets, evaporation materials and other forms. 

Technical Support

If you have any concerns about the tools and materials we provide, out team of technical experts can help. They can also help you understand the variations between products, as well as the benefits and drawbacks of each option. 

Aftercare Support

After purchasing, Testbourne continues to care about its customers and clients. Aftercare support is a crucial tenet for us and we pride ourselves on our long-standing customer connections, many of which are over 15 and 20 years. This demonstrates the excellent service experienced both during and following your interactions with Testbourne.