Architectural Glass

We supply sputtering targets world-wide to the glass coating industry. Testbourne is involved in the development and production of coating materials for architectural glass, automotive glass, photovoltaics, mirrors and other coatings for our customers. 

Hard Wearing & Decorative Coatings

Testbourne is a leading supplier of hard and decorative coatings for the industry. We provide hard coatings for increased lifetime and higher productivity finishings, and decorative coatings for scratch resistant and decorative colour finishes for mobile phones, jewelry and other items. 


We supply components for a variety of Vacuum Applications such as Synchrotrons, X-Ray, Nuclear Energy and MRI either for OEM Systems or high Energy Physics Research. 


Our range of materials offer a selection of evaporation materials for use in the Optics industry. Optical coatings are found in everyday essential items such as mirrors, windows and laser technology. 

Research & Development

We have always met demand for Research and Development. Our materials, components and instruments are used in all R&D sectors, including universities and government labs. 


With the demand for renewable energy populating the world, Testbourne's role as a high purity materials supplier has become important in this industry where reflective and anti-reflective coating are required.  


We supply materials and technology for a wide range of electronic applications as the market is ever evolving. Our products has usage in the production of capacitors & micro-resistors and PVD. 


The medical sector use a wide range of products Testbourne offer, as the demand for medical treatment and clinical research increases. We supply quality instruments, reagents and consumables for clinical labs and hospitals.