Ceramaseal® products include feedthroughs, multipin connectors, coaxial connectors, thermocouples, isolators, viewports, and vacuum hardware. These components are ideally suited to support optical, gas, liquid, power, instrumentation, and sensing applications.


INFICON is a leading provider of innovative instrumentation, critical sensor technologies, and advanced process control software that enhance productivity and quality in sophisticated industrial vacuum processes.They are vital to equipment manufacturers and end-users in the complex fabrication of semiconductors and thin film coatings for optics, flat panel displays, solar cells and industrial vacuum coating applications. 

RD Mathis

Vacuum evaporation by electrical resistance heated sources is often a preferred entrance level technique for the deposition of thin films. The technique may not be the best for some thin film materials and applications; electron beam evaporation or sputtering are just two alternative techniques, but resistance heated evaporation sources often produce good cost effective results, and are in regular use.


Sairem is a product category that manages both microwave and radio frequency technology. Delivering in-depth knowledge and industrial experience in product transformation, Sairum capitalises on the strengths and benefits of these technologies.  

Electron Beam Gun Crucibles

Electron beam evaporation is a method of thin film deposition involving the use of an electron beam source or beam gun to evaporate the material. Testbourne provides these product materials that fit directly into the electron beam source crucibles.

Vacuum Pump Fluids

Testbourne offer fluids greases and sealants across a range of product categories, including mechanical pump fluids, diffusion pump fluids and silicone fluids and high vacuum greases and waxes.