Evaporation Materials

Testbourne offers a vast array of evaporation materials for thermal evaporation and deposition processes. Materials from standard metals, alloys, ceramic, cermet, as well as “custom” materials in a variety of purity levels.

From standard metals and alloys to rare earth elements and compounds, our collection features an array of materials to support your research, development and production. 

Crafted with precision and innovation, our materials offer unparalleled performance in thin film deposition processes. Purity and consistency lie at the centre of evaporation materials, ensuring minimal impurities and reliable results. Using cutting-edge technology, we continuously push the boundaries of material performance, providing the latest advancements for your applications. 

Backed by comprehensive technical support, our team assists you in selecting the ideal evaporation materials, guiding you towards success. Embrace the future of thin film deposition with Testbourne's evaporation materials and unlock possibilities in the electronics, optics, aerospace and energy industrial sectors.