Deposition Controllers

A deposition controller allows rate control of your deposition process using a QCM sensor. From the most basic to the most feature laden, INFICON offers a deposition controller to meet your needs.

Deposition Monitors

A deposition monitor is similar to a deposition controller, but simpler for applications where no rate control or complex system integration is needed.

Sensors and Sensor Feedthroughs

A sensor houses and cools the quartz crystal and also makes the electrical connection between the crystal and the feedthrough.

Accessories and Replacement Parts

Testbourne provides a selection of accessories and replacement parts for INFICON sensors, deposition controllers and monitors, and more.

Quartz Sensor Crystals

The quartz crystal is the rate and thickness sensing element in a QCM system. These crystals are for use in vacuum applications with any standard INFICON monitor or controller and an INFICON (or other make) single, dual, or multi-crystal sensor. Offering a wide variety of crystals and packaging, INFICON can get you the crystals you want, when you want them.