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Front Load Dual Sensor

INFICON Front Load Dual crystal sensors offer proven reliability and durability and have the best thermal stability of any sensor head on the market. The dual sensor provides a backup crystal and is essential for critical processes where it is desirable to have the second crystal in the vacuum chamber.

The front load design allows for easy insertion of the crystal holder in applications lacking sufficient room for side insertion. Assembled mechanically rather than soldered, parts can be replaced conveniently in the field, if necessary. Sensors can be ordered individually or in a sensor/feedthrough combination that can be either welded or assembled with compression fittings.

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  • Dual crystals
  • Crystal shutter
  • Front load crystal holder
  • Easy installation
  • Available with: 2.54 cm (1 inch) bolt feedthrough and CF40 feedthrough
  • Adjustable length if ordered with compression fittings
  • No brazing required if ordered with compression fittings or welded to feedthrough
  • Sensor/feedthrough combinations available welded to customer specified lengths
Your Part Number: DL-

Orders for a WELDED sensor/
feedthrough combination are
measured from centre of the crystal
to the vacuum side (sealing surface)
of the feedthrough. Once a welded
sensor order is confirmed, it cannot be

Feedthrough configuration varies
depending on options selected (Front
Load or Cool Drawer, with or without
shutter, type of feedthrough, etc.).
Example: SL-A0E37 uses feedthrough
PN 002-042 while SL-A1E37 uses
feedthrough PN 750-030-G1.

Front Load Dual sensors ordered with
a CF40 feedthrough cannot be welded
due to dimensional limits of the CF40.

For sensors ordered without a weld
connection (option “0” or “8”), tubes
are made to a length of approximately
76.2 cm (30 in.)

Front Load Dual sensors welded to
lengths between 28 and 34 inches will
include a 36 inch in-vacuum cable.
Sensors welded to lengths between 34
and 39 inches will include a 48 inch
in-vacuum cable

1. Type of sensor

(Includes in-vacuum cable, crystal snatcher and user manual. Crystals sold separately)

2. Length of sensor

(see notes 1 and 5)

3. Feedthrough

(see note 2)

4. Feedthrough connection

(see notes 3 and 5)


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