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Easy Rate Dual Sensor

Easy Rate Dual Sensors offer a simple and inexpensive solution for QCM applications where one crystal may not be enough. A shutter covers a second crystal until it is needed to finish the process. The Easy Rate Dual Sensors uses two in-vacuum cables for easy field replacement.

The compact design of the Easy Rate Dual Sensor requires only 32.5 mm (1.3 in.) of clearance, allowing the sensor and shutter assembly to pass through a standard CF40 nipple.

Easy Rate Dual Sensors are available in standard and right angle orientations, and they can be configured to include a feedthrough with or without bored-through tube fittings.

Note: Easy Rate Dual sensors use 4.8 mm (3/16 in.) outer diameter (OD) water cooling tubes.  They are not compatible with Ultra-Torr equipped Front Load Sensor feedthroughs and require a tubing adapter in order to be welded to a standard feedthrough with 4.8 mm (3/16 in.) OD water cooling tubes.

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  • Dual crystals
  • Low in price, high in quality
  • Front load crystal holder
  • Includes crystal shutter
  • Easy installation
  • Available in standard and right angle configurations
  • Sensor / Feedthrough combinations available with or without bored-through tube fittings
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Sensor length is measured from centre of crystal to the end of the water tubes (see drawings).

Crystals sold separately.

1. Type of sensor
2. In-vacuum cable
3. Length of sensor

(see note 1)

4. Feedthrough
5. Feedthrough connection


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