CrystalSix® Sensor

The INFICON CrystalSix Sensor is critical for long processes demanding continuous rate control. Whether an OLED, MBE, solar, long optical coating, or other processes having an extended period between chamber venting, the CrystalSix sensor offers the security of 6 quartz monitor crystals in one sensor head. When used with an INFICON Thin Film Controller, the CrystalSix automatically rotates a new crystal into position whenever the current crystal fails or becomes unstable. Crystals are automatically replaced without interrupting your process for continued deposition rate monitoring.

Crystal indexing is accomplished with a pneumatically driven mechanism. This pneumatically driven motor provides better crystal thermal stability than competitive units using expensive in-vacuum, heat generating, electric motors. One-eighth inch water cooling tubes keep the sensor head thermally stable and allow flexibility in sensor placement.

When used with certain INFICON thin film controllers, the sensor provides position feedback so specific positions can be used with specific materials.

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  • Holds 6 crystals with robust, automatic switching to maximize process uptime
  • Stable crystal temperature, because crystal switching is pneumatically-driven (competitive units use heat-generating motors)
  • 1/8" tubes maintain thermal stability and allow flexibility in sensor placement
  • Optional crystal shutter available
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The CrystalSix sensor requires the 750-420-G1 solenoid valve with orifice installed (PN 059-0189 included in CrystalSix ship kit).

The CrystalSix sensor cannot be used on STM-2, STM-2XM, or SQM-160 quartz crystal monitors.

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