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Cool Drawer Dual Sensor

The Cool Drawer Dual Sensor is designed for use in critical processes where it is desirable to have a second crystal in the vacuum chamber. Water cooled, cast stainless steel sensor body, two Cool Drawer crystal holders and a pneumatically actuated shutter provide for a rugged sensor head with the extra reliability of a backup crystal. A cleaner, more reliable vacuum system installation is possible as there are no coaxial cables inside the chamber.

Use Part Finder to select sensor configuration.


  • Dual crystals
  • Cool Drawer crystal holder
  • No internal cables
  • Crystal shutter
  • Available with: CF40 feedthrough and 2.54 cm (1 inch) bolt feedthrough
  • Bakeable if ordered with welded CF40 flange
  • Adjustable length if ordered with compression fittings
  • Sensor/feedthrough combinations available welded to customer specified lengths
Your Part Number: CDD-

Orders for a WELDED sensor/feedthrough combination are measured from centre of the crystal to the vacuum side (sealing surface) of the feedthrough. Once a welded sensor order is confirmed, it can not be cancelled.

Feedthrough configuration varies depending on options selected (Type of feedthrough and connection).

Example: CDD-AF47 and -BF47 use a two-piece hybrid feedthrough design due to dimensional limits of a standard CF40.

For sensors ordered without a weld connection (option “8”), tubes are made to a length of approximately 76.2 cm (30 in.) for standard

Cool Drawer Sensors and approximately 66 cm (26 in.) for Right Angle Cool Drawer sensors.

Cool Drawer Sensors are not available without a feedthrough and must be either welded or connected with Ultra-Torr fittings.

1. Type of sensor

Includes user manual, crystals sold separately

2. Length of sensor

(see note 3)

3. Feedthrough

(see notes 2 and 4)

4. Feedthrough connection

(see note 4)


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