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Unveiling Excellence: RD Mathis Components from Testbourne

In the realm of scientific instrumentation, precision and reliability are paramount. RD Mathis components have been at the forefront of providing premium equipment to the scientific community for decades. With an unwavering commitment to quality, innovation and customer satisfaction, RD Mathis components have a well-deserved reputation as a trusted partner for scientists, engineers and researchers around the globe.

RD Mathis Products from Testbourne  

Testbourne is a trusted provider for all RD Mathis components , from evaporation boats, boxes and baskets to filaments, crucibles and liners. We offer an extensive range of sources and materials to that can fulfil your evaporation needs.

Filaments: The Spark of Excellence

Filaments by RD Mathis are the heartbeat of any evaporation process. RD Mathis boasts a comprehensive range of filaments designed to meet the diverse demands of thin film deposition. From standard tungsten filaments to exotic materials like rhenium, Testbourne offers a spectrum of RD Mathis filament options for every application. These filaments are meticulously crafted to ensure uniform and reliable evaporation, making them a cornerstone in the thin film industry.

Baskets and Heaters: Precision in Every Layer

Achieving uniform and consistent film thickness requires specialised tools. RD Mathis’ baskets and heaters are engineered with precision to facilitate even evaporation across the substrate. Whether it’s a tungsten or tantalum basket, or a versatile electron beam heater, these instruments are designed to optimise deposition processes, ensuring exceptional results with every layer.

Crucibles: The Crucial Containment 

When it comes to high-temperature evaporation, choosing the right crucible is imperative. RD Mathis offers an array of crucibles crafted from refractory metals like tungsten, tantalum and molybdenum. These crucibles are built to withstand extreme temperatures, ensuring reliable containment of the materials to be evaporated. With RD Mathis crucible from Testbourne, researchers can confidently tackle complex thin film deposition challenges.

Boat Sources: Navigating Precision

Boat sources are invaluable tools for depositing a wide range of materials, particularly in e-beam evaporation applications. RD Mathis has perfected the art of boat source design, offering a diverse selection of materials and configurations. From standard tungsten boats to custom-shaped tantalum boats or molybdenum boats, RD Mathis products from Testbourne ensure that researchers have the precise tools needed to navigate the complexities of thin film deposition.

Box Sources: The Power of Encapsulation 

In some applications, encapsulation is crucial to ensure the integrity of the material during the evaporation process. RD Mathis excels in providing high-quality box sources, designed to effectively contain and evaporate materials while minimising contamination. With options like tantalum and silicon monoxide box sources, RD Mathis offers a robust selection to meet the unique requirements of each deposition process.

A Legacy of Excellence

RD Mathis components provided by Testbourne stand as a beacon of excellence in the field of thin film deposition. Through their meticulously crafted filaments, precise basked and heaters, robust crucibles, versatile boat sources, and reliable box sources, they empower researchers to achieve exceptional results in their thin film endeavours. With RD Mathis as a partner with Testbourne, the future of thin film technology looks brighter than ever before.  

Unsure if RD Mathis products can fulfil your requirements? Please get in touch with the Testbourne team and we can advise on the best solution from our portfolio of solutions and partners. We offer a broad range of scientific instruments and materials with bespoke options, simply let us know what you need!


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