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Exploring the Spheres of Innovation: Industries Transformed by Testbourne

In a world full of advanced technology and innovation, Testbourne stands as a formidable force, catering to a wide range of industries and applications with its exceptional range of products.

From scientific research to industrial processes, Testbourne’s products play a crucial role in driving progress across multiple sectors. Testbourne’s materials have revolutionised everything from medical diagnostics to renewable energy resources, empowering and driving industry innovation forward. In this blog, we look at the various industries Testbourne collaborates with and the applications our products feature in, highlighting some of the key products that power each field.

Scientific Materials for the Architectural Glass Industry

In the architectural glass industry, Testbourne takes on a pivotal role by supplying a range of specialised products that elevate the design and functionality of architectural glass, automotive glass, photovoltaics, mirrors and other coatings.

Testbourne is a worldwide supplier of sputtering targets for this industry; used for high-quality glass coatings, innovative glazing materials and cutting-edge interlayer technologies. These materials enable manufacturers to push the boundaries of creativity while meeting stringent performance requirements, resulting in glass facades that offer enhanced thermal insulation and solar control.

Scientific Materials for the Hard-Wearing and Decorative Coatings Industry

For the hard-wearing and decorative coatings industry, Testbourne provides a spectrum of specialised products that underpin both durability and aesthetics.

The materials Testbourne supplies, including sputtering targets and Arc cathodes, enhance the resistance to wear, corrosion and environmental stresses, making them ideal for the demands of industries like automotive and architecture. These materials seamlessly fuse functionality and style, ensuring that surfaces not only withstand the rigours of daily use but also exude an enduring visual appeal.

Scientific Materials for the UHV Industry

Testbourne supplies components into a variety of vacuum applications, including synchrotrons, semiconductor processing, thin film coating, spectroscopy, ion beam, x-ray, nuclear energy and MRI to the UHV industry.

CeramTec materials, like Ceramaseal UHV ceramic-to-metal feed-throughs, are ideal for all applications that require vacuum tightness and electrical insulation. Ceramic-to-metal feed-throughs not only offer freedom from leaks in vacuum environments but are resistant to high temperatures, high pressure and aggressive chemicals, making them perfect to use for UHV technology.

Scientific Materials for the Optics Industry

Optical coatings are typically found in everyday items from sunglasses and mirrors to industrial machinery like laser technology. This industry relies on precision and quality, and Testbourne delivers just that.

Our evaporation materials are used in PVH (Physical Vapour Deposition) to allow researchers, engineers and medical professionals to achieve exceptional results, pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the optics field. This range of materials is the building block for cutting-edge optical systems, used to create high-performance lenses and mirrors all the way to prisms and filters.

Scientific Materials for the Solar Industry

With the demand for renewable energy resources becoming more important, there has been considerable growth in the solar and photovoltaic industries. The efficiency of solar materials must be maintained, so sourcing high-quality materials is essential.

Testbourne’s high-grade materials, such as Inficon QCM  and Guardian Controllers, improve the efficiency of solar systems. As PVD coatings become more advanced, Testbourne’s role as a high-quality material supplier becomes ideal where reflective and anti-reflective coatings are required.

Scientific Materials for the Electronics Industry

The world of electronics is an ever-evolving market, with Testbourne products being used in the production process for thin-film technology, the production of capacitors and micro-resistors.

Testbourne stands as an unwavering force in the electronics industry, providing materials and technology for a range of applications. Our diverse range of materials, from high-purity materials to electron beam gun crucibles are ideally suited to today’s technologically advanced environment.

Scientific Materials for the Medical Industry

In the dynamic ever-changing sector of the medical industry, Testbourne emerges as a vital partner, supplying a range of specialised materials that underpin critical healthcare technologies.

A flagship product is single crystals, engineered to convert forms of radiation into visible light. These Testbourne products play a pivotal role in accurate medical imaging, from PET scanners to gamma cameras, enabling precise diagnoses. With these high-quality products, testing is made simpler and more reliable.  

Testbourne’s Impact Across Diverse Industries

In the vast landscape of innovation, Testbourne stands as a beacon of advancement, touching a multitude of industries and applications with its cutting-edge products. Spanning from the frontiers of scientific research to the critical infrastructure of medical technology and electronics, they play a pivotal role in the pursuit of evolution.

Are you unsure whether Testbourne has the right materials for your industry? We offer a broad range of scientific materials and instruments with bespoke customisable options. Get in touch with our dedicated team to discuss your specific requirements.  


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