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Small Bench Top Coater Targets

These 0.1-0.5mm thick targets are mostly made of Titanium Ti, Chromium Cr, Tantalum Ta, Gold Au, Silver Ag, Platinum Pt, Palladium Pd and their alloys.

The targets are designed for laboratory bench coaters and are predominantly 57mm diameter Targets for Agar, Cressington 108/208, Emitech K575/675, ISI 5400, JEOL JFC 1200/1300, PELCO Model 3, SC4/SC5/SC6/SC7, Polaron 5000/5400/SC7610/SC7620, Quorum E5000 / E5400 / E5200 / SC7610 / SC502 / SC7620 and SPI Module/Super sputter coaters.

54mm diameter Targets for Bal-Tec SCD005/050 and MED10/20 Sputter Coaters.

And smaller diameter targets 19mm, 25.4mm and other standard diameters