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Precious Metals

Testbourne offers a fast reliable service for precious metals including gold, palladium, platinum, silver, and many precious metal based alloys. They are available in various forms, most common are Sputtering Targets, Wires, Pellets and Granules. The standard purity is typically 99.99% pure, however Gold is now available in 99.999%, other purity grades are available upon request.


Small Bench Top Coater Targets

Testbourne offers various precious metal sputtering targets for a wide variety of bench top sputter coater systems, brands such as Agar, Anatech, Bal-Tec, Bio-Rad, Emitech, Gatan, JEOL, & Polaron. Precious metal targets are available in thicknesses as low as 0.05mm, with diameters ranging from 73mm, 63.5mm, 60mm, 57mm, 54mm, 25.4mm & smaller if required. Please follow the metal links to find available targets. 


Precious Metal Reclaim

Testbourne offers a reclamation service for our customers on all its precious metals. Precious metal targets either bonded or un-bonded, whether partially used may be reclaimed.

After refining of the spent material we will either issue a credit or off-set against a new order.

Please ask for details