15 30.974

Phosphorus , P

Phosphorus is the chemical element that has the symbol P and atomic number 15. The name comes from the Greek: phôs (meaning "light") and phoros (meaning "bearer"). A multivalent nonmetal of the nitrogen group, phosphorus is commonly found in inorganic phosphate rocks.


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PCl5 -60 Mesh 99.9% Pure

Phosphorus Chloride

8 UN1809 PG I


P2O3 -100 Mesh 99.9% Pure

Phosphorus Oxide

8 UN1807 PG II

Due to its high reactivity, phosphorus is never found as a free element in nature on Earth. One form of phosphorus (white phosphorus) emits a faint glow upon exposure to oxygen (hence its Greek derivation and the Latin 'light-bearer', meaning the planet Venus as Hesperus or "Morning Star").

Phosphorus is a component of DNA and RNA and an essential element for all living cells. The most important commercial use of phosphorus-based chemicals is the production of fertilizers.

Phosphorus compounds are also widely used in explosives, nerve agents, friction matches, fireworks, pesticides, toothpaste, and detergents.

Symbol P
Atomic number 15
No. of naturally occurring isotopes 1
Atomic weight 30.97376
Electronic configuration [Ne]3s23p3
Electrical resistivity (20°C)/μohm cm 1011(α-P4)
Refractive index nD (29.2°C) 1.8244
Density (20°C)/gcm3 1.8232 (α-P4)
Melting point / °C α-P4 44.1*
Boiling point / °C 280.5
Vapour pressure/ mm Hg 0.122(20°C)
Dielectric constant (20°C) 4.1(α-P4)
Ionization energy/kJmol-1 I 1012
Ionization energy/kJmol-1 II 1903
Ionization energy/kJmol-1 III 2912
*(44.25 when ultrapure)
Temperature (oC) @Vap. Pressure
10-8 Torr 327
10-6 Torr 361
10-4 Torr 402
Electron Beam -
Crucible Al2O3
Coil -
Boat -
Metal reacts violently in air.