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Partner Spotlight: CeramTec

Testbourne partners with CeramTec to provide a range of reliable, high-performance scientific instruments, built to endure extreme conditions. Discover more about CeramTec, the Ceramaseal range, and the solutions they provide.

Who is CeramTec?

CeramTec manufactures and supplies advanced technical ceramics in Europe, the USA, and Asia. They are ceramic experts, with over 10,000 products, components, and parts utilised in a range of applications. Their primary markets are medical technology, medical equipment, automotive, cutting tools, electronics, and industry.


At Testbourne, we offer a selection of leading products from the CeramTec Ceramaseal range, including:

  • Feedthroughs – ceramic-to-metal feedthroughs that provide hermeticity and electrical isolation in UHV environments.
  • Multipin connectors – feedthroughs with two or more conducting pins, used to provide instrumentation signals and voltage in UHV environments.
  • Coaxial connectors – consisting of two concentric conductors, they provide excellent performance in UHV and high-temperature applications.
  • Thermocouples – manufactured with thermocouple or compensating materials, they transmit electromotive force (EMF).
  • Isolators – cryogenic, water, or vacuum isolators providing electrical isolation of system components operating in a common environment.
  • Viewports – optical components providing a means for energy transmission in and out of a vacuum system.
  • Pressure feedthroughs – with NPT (National Pipe Thread) fittings for easy installation, they are utilised in pressure vessels or industrial environments.
  • Vacuum hardware – miscellaneous hardware and accessories for Ceramaseal products.


CeramTec products can withstand ultra-high vacuum (UHV), caustic, and corrosive environments, temperatures up to 450°C, and pressures in excess of 25,000 psig, making them suitable for a variety of applications. The Ceramaseal components provided by Testbourne are perfect for optical, gas, liquid, power, instrumentation, and sensing applications.

Unsure if CeramTec products are right for your requirements? Please get in touch with the Testbourne team and we can advise on the best solution. We offer a broad range of scientific instruments and materials with bespoke options, simply let us know what you need!


New Product - 3D Printing Metal Powder

New Product - 3D Printing Metal Powder

Our range of powders has expanded to include 3D Printing Metal Powders for the manufacture of metallic parts.