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Latest Products from CeramTec

Discover the latest products from CeramTec, offering advanced ceramics and Ceramaseal® hermetic component solutions.

High Density Sub-Ds

Compared to a Standard Sub-D, High Density Sub-Ds have:

  • Lower voltage rating: 375V DC
  • Lower current rating: 2 Amps/pin
  • Same temperature range: -269C to 450C
  • Same pressure at 20°C: 1350 PSIG (15 Pin)
  • Different pin diameter: .030" [0.76mm]
  • Different pin counts: 15, 26, 44, 62, 78

Push-Pull Connectors 

Some advantages of the push-pull coaxial connectors are:

  • Ideal for applications which require frequent plug removal
  • Very simple, safe plug connectivity and disconnecting
  • Flexible design - comes in all standard flanges and weldable configurations


Sub-Cs are higher density multi-pin connectors with plugs in smaller flanges (1.33”CF), essentially providing all the capability of a Sub-D in a smaller version.

Power Boots

The new and improved power boots offer the following benefits:

  • Lower lead times - this has come down from 20+ weeks to less than 6 weeks if not in stock
  • Custom lengths are available
  • Lower costs

Updated Mil-C-26482s

The original design for Mil-C-26482 Connectors had a single glass-ceramic perform for all pins which would produce inconsistent results when sealing. However, in the new design:

  • Each pin has its own small preform which has led to very consistent results
  • It's easy to plan deliveries accurately
  • All ratings are identical, parts have been fully tested and perform the same if not better on all ratings

Updated Spade Type Thermocouples

The Spade style contacts and air-side thermocouple plugs that CeramTec has historically used on Thermocouples have been discontinued.

CeramTec has found a replacement manufacturer for the spade contacts and plugs, which they consider a direct replacement – the components are interchangeable.

All thermocouple feedthrough part numbers will remain the same, but the replacement plug numbers will change from 8151-XX to 25735-XX.

High Power Mil-C-5015 Connectors & Power Ds

A high powered multi-pin connector in a small footprint, this product offers:

  • Standard air-side connectivity (Mil-C-5015)
  • Simplified Sub-C style Vacuum side Connectivity
  • Copper-cored pins for higher current carrying capabilities (up to 20 Amps)
  • Glass-ceramic Seals for simplified design & high pressure capabilities
  • 3, 4, 6, 10, 20 & 35 pin versions

View the full range of CeramTec products or get in touch with the Testbourne team to find out more.


New Product - 3D Printing Metal Powder

New Product - 3D Printing Metal Powder

Our range of powders has expanded to include 3D Printing Metal Powders for the manufacture of metallic parts.

Testbourne at SVC TechCon 2023

Testbourne at SVC TechCon 2023

We are pleased to announce that the Testbourne team will be exhibiting at SVC TechCon 2023 in Washington DC.