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Collaborative Partnerships that Drive Innovation

Welcome to the world of dynamic partnerships with Testbourne. We understand the transformative potential partnerships bring in today’s technologically advanced world, and Testbourne’s longstanding relationships with CeramTec, INFICON, and RD Mathis enable us to push the boundaries of cutting-edge technology.

Through these collaborative partnerships, Testbourne continues to provide cutting-edge solutions to a diverse range of industries. Discover more about some of the partnerships at Testbourne and the products they each provide.

CeramTec: Pioneers in Advanced Technical Ceramics

CeramTec is one of the leading providers of advanced technical ceramics, with active production sites across Europe, the USA, and Asia. They offer over 10,000 products, components, and parts that cater to a diverse portfolio of industries. 

Due to their partnership at Testbourne, we have a range of CeramTec products available, including:

Hermetic Feedthroughs

Multipin Connectors

Coaxial Connectors




Pressure Feedthroughs

Vacuum Hardware Accessories 

These products at Testbourne are designed to excel in industries such as optical, gas, and power. Each product offers versatile and dependable solutions for your specific needs.

INFICON: Global Technology Solutions

INFICON, a global technology company, stands out as the foremost provider of innovative instrumentation, critical sensor technologies and advanced process control software to collectively elevate productivity, and quality in industrial vacuum processes. Specialising in cutting-edge solutions for leak testing, vacuum technology, thin film deposition, and chemical analysis.

At Testbourne, INFICON’s collaborative partnership provides a variety of leading products, such as:  

Deposition Controllers

Deposition Monitors


Sensor Feedthroughs

Quartz Sensor Crystals

Alongside these products, INFICON's thin film deposition technology plays a critical role in the production of optical and anti-reflection coatings and mirrors within the manufacturing sector.

RD Mathis: Pioneering Thin Film Coating Solutions 

RD Mathis offers an extensive selection of evaporation sources and quality materials for industries. The extensive product range available at Testbourne, includes: 


Baskets and Heaters


Boat Sources

Alumina-Coated Sources

Box Sources

Micro-Electronic Sources

Chrome-Plated Tungsten Rods

Each of these products caters to the diverse evaporation needs of varying industries, providing essential tools for thin film coating applications.

Pioneering Partnerships At Testbourne

Testbourne's commitment to collaborative partnerships ensures access to top-tier technologies from industry leaders. With the likes of CeramTec, INFICON, and RD Mathis, this enables us to deliver solutions across a spectrum of applications and ensure the best materials are provided. 

Unsure which of our products is right for your application? We offer a broad range of scientific materials and instruments with bespoke customisable options. 

Contact the Testbourne team today, and we can advise you on the best solution and products for your application.