Infrared Crystals

Lithium fluoride crystals (LiF) belong to the cubic system, and the cleavage plane is the (100) plane, which has excellent optical properties, especially in the deep ultraviolet range. 

Magnesium fluoride crystal (MgF2) belongs to tetragonal system, melting point is 1255 °C, high hardness, good mechanical properties, stable chemical properties, not easy to deliquesce and corrode. MgF2 main feature in optical performance is that it has a high transmittance in the vacuum ultraviolet region (more than 80% transmittance at 170 nm), and it is widely used in optical fibre communication, military industry and various optical components.

Calcium fluoride crystal (CaF2) has a high transmittance in the range of 0.13~11.3 um, can reach 95%, with low stress birefringence (no obvious intrinsic birefringence in above 200nm), high refractive index uniformity, mechanical properties are stable, strong resistance to radiation damage etc. CaF2 crystal is an ideal material for making optical components such as optical windows, prisms and lenses.

Potassium bromide, KBr single crystal having a high transmittance and a wide pass band, and widely used as splitting prism, transmission windows and lens in infrared spectrometer, spectrophotometer and Infrared devices.

Potassium chloride single crystal are all transparent, Has a high infrared transmittance, the transmittance greater than 90% when thickness less 10mm and in the range of 4000-500cm-1, no impurity absorption. KCI single crystal as a laser window material, the optical performance is excellent.

Sodium chloride, NaCl substrate. The wide-band good conductor used in ultraviolet to the infrared; Widely used in the production of infrared spectroscopy analyser, Ultraviolet and infrared optical components. These single crystal is the material of optical elements, Can be used as  transparent material of prisms, lenses, filters and various laser windows In the infrared devices and optical instruments.




Barium fluoride Single Crystal BaF2

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CaF2 single crystal substrate

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Potassium bromide, KBr single crystal

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Potassium Chloride Single Crystal Substrate

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Lithium fluoride (LiF) single crystal substrate

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MgF2 single crystal substrate

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Sodium chloride, NaCl substrate

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