Group III-V

Lithium gallate LiGaO2 single crystal substrate have a very good lattice matching for GaN (mismatch < 0.2%), and are chemically stable at high temperatures and low in cost , thus becoming a potential III-V Nitride thin film substrate material.

Gallium Phosphide GaP epitaxial material is obtained by liquid-phase epitaxy or vapor-phase epitaxy and diffusion growth on a gallium phosphide single crystal substrate. The GaP is mostly used to manufacture light-emitting diodes. The GaP liquid-phase epitaxial material can produce red, green, yellow-green light-emitting diodes. And the GaP Vapor-phase epitaxial  and diffusion-grown material can produce yellow, yellow-green light-emitting diodes. 

Gallium antimony GaSb as a substrate material can be used for the production of certain infrared lasers and detectors of optical fiber transmission, GaSb is also foreseen with a lattice restriction mobility greater than GaAs, so that it has a potential application in the production of microwave devices.

Gallium arsenide (GaAs) crystal has good chemical stability, High hardness, resistance to harsh environment capability, It  has a good permeability in 2μm-14μm spectral range, Widely used in thermal infrared imaging systems, high-power CO2 laser optical system and FLIR systems.

Indium arsenide, InAs substrate. InAs single crystal as a substrate can be use to grown InAsSb / In-AsPSb, InNAsSb and other heterojunction materials, Produced wavelength 2 ~ 14μm infrared light-emitting devices, InAs single crystal substrate can also be use to epitaxial growth a superlattice structure material AlGaSb, Produce mid-infrared quantum cascade laser.




Gallium Phosphide (GaP) Substrate

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Gallium antimony substrate 

Te doped, N-type

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Gallium antimony substrate 

Undoped, P-type

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Gallium antimony substrate 

Zn doped, P-type

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Indium arsenide doped Sulphur, Single Crystal substrate

Dopant Sulphur, N-Type

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Indium arsenide doped Tin, Single Crystal substrate

Dopant Tin, N-Type

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Indium arsenide, InAs Single Crystal substrate

Dopant un-doped, N-Type

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Indium arsenide doped Zinc, Single Crystal substrate

Dopant Zinc, P-Type

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Lithium gallate LiGaO2 single crystal

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