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Fomblin PFPE Vacuum Pump Oil

Fomblin® PFPE vacuum pump fluids are non-flammable, chemically inert, and thermally stable. When used with proper pump filtration, Fomblin PFPE vacuum pump oils provide exceptionally long service life. These fluids have excellent lubricity properties and are available in viscosity grades suitable for use in all vacuum pumps. Consult your Inland sales representative or engineer for assistance in selecting the proper viscosity grade for your specific pump and application.

  • Low vapor pressure
    No flash or fire point
    Low volatility
    Low surface tension
    Low toxicity
    Excellent compatibility with metals, plastics, and elastomers
    Chemically inert
    High thermal stability
    Good aqueous and non-aqueous solvent resistance
    High dielectric properties
    Good radiation stability
    CFC-free and Ozone friendly
A01 15 001 Fomblin Oil YL-VAC 16/6 - 1kg container
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A01 16 001 Fomblin Oil YL-VAC 06/6 - 1kg container
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A01 17 001 Fomblin Oil YL-VAC 14/6 - 1kg container
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A01 18 001 YL-VAC 25/6 Pump Oil - 1kg Bottle
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