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BeF2 6mm Pieces & smaller 99.5% Pure

Beryllium Fluoride


BeSe 6mm Pieces & smaller 99% Pure

Beryllium Selenium


BeTe 6mm Pieces & smaller 99.99% Pure

Beryllium Telluride


BeO Powder <10ćm 99.5% Pure

Beryllium oxide

6.1 UN1566 PGII


Be2C -200 Mesh 98% Pure

Beryllium Carbide


BeF2 -80 mesh 98%+ pure

Beryllium fluoride


Be3N2 -60 Mesh 99% Pure 

Beryllium Nitride

6.1 UN1566 PG II


BeO -200 Mesh 99.95% Pure

Beryllium Oxide

6.1 UN1566 PG II


BeS -100 Mesh 99% Pure

Beryllium Sulphide

4.1 UN3179 PG II


BeF2 Powder <50ćm 99.5% Pure

Beryllium fluoride

6.1 UN1566 PGII


Beryllium Zinc Magnesium Be/Zn/Mg,

Available in various ratios wt% or at%, Purity 99.99%


Beryllium oxide BeO,

Available purity 99%


BeO 25.4mm dia. x 3.18mm Tk 99% Pure

Beryllium oxide

Beryllium, an element characterised by its rarity on Earth and in the broader universe, stands out due to its unconventional formation process. Unlike elements produced through conventional stellar nucleosynthesis, beryllium's infrequent occurrence can be attributed to its unique origin. It is also not recognised as a vital or beneficial element for plant or animal life.

This uncommonness underscores the distinctive nature of beryllium, suggesting that its presence and properties may hold significance in specialised contexts, such as industrial applications and advanced technological fields. While not essential for biological organisms, beryllium's intrinsic characteristics make it a valuable asset in specific human-made materials, contributing to its importance in cutting-edge industries. Understanding the exceptional properties and applications of beryllium provides a deeper insight into its role in shaping various aspects of scientific and industrial endeavours.

Symbol Ba
Atomic number 56
No. of naturally occurring isotopes 7
Atomic weight 137.33
Electronic configuration [Xe] 6s2
Ionization energy/kJmol I 502.7
II 965
Metal radius/pm 222
Ionic radius/pm (6-coord) 13.5
Density (20°C)/gcm-3 3.62
Melting point /°C 725
Boiling point /°C -1850
ΔHfus/kJmol-1 7.8
ΔHvap/kJmol-1 136
Electrical resistivity
(20°C)/ μohm cm 50
Eo(M2-(aq)2e- →M(S))/V -2.91
Temperature (oC) @Vap. Pressure
10-8 Torr 710
10-6 Torr 878
10-4 Torr 1000
Electron Beam Excellent
Crucible Graphite & Vitreous Graphite
Coil Tungsten
Boat Tantalum & Tungsten
Wets W, Mo & Ta. Metal powder & oxides are toxic. Evaporates easily.