Zinc, Zn

Zinc is a metallic chemical element with the symbol Zn and atomic number 30. In nonscientific context it is sometimes called spelter.

Zinc is a moderately reactive, blue gray metal that tarnishes in moist air and burns in air with a bright bluish-green flame, giving off fumes of zinc oxide. It reacts with acids, alkalis and other non-metals. If not completely pure, zinc reacts with dilute acids to release hydrogen. The one common oxidation state of zinc is +2. From 100 °C to 210 °C (212 °F to 410 °F) zinc metal is malleable and can easily be beaten into various shapes. Above 210 °C (410 °F), the metal becomes brittle and will be pulverized by beating. Zinc is nonmagnetic.

Technical Data
Symbol Zn Density (25°C)/gcm3 7.14
Atomic number 30 Melting point /°C 419.5
No. of naturally occurring isotopes 5 Boiling point /°C 907
Atomic weight 65.38 ΔHfus/kJmol-1 7.28(+/-0.01)
Electronic configuration [Ar]3d104s2 ΔHvap/kJmol-1 114.2(+/-1.7)
Metal radius(12-coordinate)/pm 134 ΔHf(monoatomic gas)/kJmol-1 129.3(+/-2.9)
Effective ionic radius/pm II 74 Electrical resistivity  
Ionization energy/kJmol-1 I 906.1 (20°C)/μohm cm 5.8
Ionization energy/kJmol-1 II 1733 Electronegativity χ 1.6
Ionization energy/kJmol-1 III 3831 E° (M2+(aq)\ + 2e- →M(s))/V -0.7619
Evaporation Techniques
Temperature (oC) @Vap. Pressure Techniques Remarks
10-8 Torr 10-6 Torr 10-4 Torr Electron Beam Crucible Coil Boat
127 177 250 Excellent Al2O3 & Quartz Tungsten Molybdenum, Tungsten & Tantalum Evaporates well under wide range of conditions.

Evaporation Materials
Z1-5000-M Ingot (Please ask for sizes)
Z1-5001-M pieces 1-3mm
Z1-5002-M pieces 3-6mm

The foils are available in either rectangular or circular shape. Please enter width and length or diameter of the required foil.

Z1-3003-F 0.004" (0.1mm)
Z1-3007-F 0.008" (0.2mm)
Z1-10000-P -20 mesh
Z1-10001-P -100 mesh
Z1-10004-P -325 mesh
Z1-10005-P typ. 5 microns or less
Z1-2000-R 0.0625" (1.58mm)
Z1-2001-R 0.125" (3.175mm)
Z1-2002-R 0.250" (6.35mm)
Z1-2003-R 0.500" (12.7mm)
Z1-2004-R 0.625" (15.88mm)
Z1-2005-R 0.750" (19.05mm)
Z1-2006-R 1" (25.4mm)
Z1-4001-S 0.015" (0.38mm)
Z1-4002-S 0.020" (0.5mm)
Z1-4003-S 0.030" (0.76mm)
Z1-4004-S 0.040" (1mm)
Z1-4006-S 0.060" (1.5mm)
Z1-4008-S 0.125" (3.175mm)
Z1-4009-S 0.250" (6.35mm)
Z1-4010-S 0.375" (9.525mm)
Z1-4011-S 0.500" (12.7mm)
Z1-4012-S 0.750" (19.05mm)
Z1-4013-S 1" (25.4mm)
Z1-1000-W 0.005" (0.127mm)
Z1-1001-W 0.006" (0.152mm)
Z1-1003-W 0.008" (0.203mm)
Z1-1007-W 0.020" (0.5mm)
Z1-1009-W 0.040" (1.0mm)
Z1-1013-W 0.080" (2.0mm)