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Application Notes

Sample Preparation Equipment Application Notes

Characterizing Lip Effect on Thin Metal Foils Evaluating the Precision of Abrasive Slurry Disc Cutting Techniques on GaAs Characterization of Model 38001 Cutting 8 mm Discs from Hard Disc Drives Cutting Thin Si Wafers Lapping and Polishing ZnO Single Crystals to Optical Smoothness Preparation of Surface Mount Packages Directly on PC Boards for Backside Emission Analysis Preparation of Hard Disk Drive Magnetic Recording Media for XTEM Analysis Cross Sectioning Small Hole Arrays Optimizing Cutting Conditions for Polymeric Materials Characterizing the Model 660 Low Speed Diamond Saw Precision Cutting BGA Packages for Ball Bond Integrity Testing Cutting Highly Different Hardness Materials for Adhesion Analysis Cutting Glass Optical Ferrules using Two Cutting Methods Cutting DRAM IC's to Specific Area Prior to FIB Preparation Low Damage Cross Sectioning of Flip Chip Packages Precision Cutting of Packaged IC Devices from Printed Circuit Boards Characterizing the Model 850 Wire Saw Polishing Protocol for Glass Cover Slides Lapping and Polishing Glass to Optical Smoothness Preparing Planar Specimens of Entire PC Board Components Lapping and Polishing SiC Wafers Optical Polishing Polystyrene Discs to Specific Dimensions Using the Model 25010 Oriented Crystal Polisher on Model 920 Evaluation of Solvent Free Removal of Waxes Preparation of GaN / Sapphire for TEM using Tripod Polishing Ion Milling Parameters for Various Materials Systems Plasma Cleaning of Various Specimens for use in TEM Cutting Rates of Materials on Various Cutting Instruments Characterizing Low and High Concentration Diamond Wheels for Cutting Materials Comparing Cutting Times of Selected Diamond Wheel Types Lapping and Polishing LiNbO3 Crystals at Specific Angles Cutting Fiber Optic Connectors Using Model 850 Cutting CdTe Detector Discs to Specific Diameter Cutting AlC Composite for Shaping Lapping and Polishing Si Die and Wafers Lapping and Polishing Si Die to Optical Polish Quality Preparation of Otoliths for Laser Chemical Analysis Cutting Ti Nb Alloy to Specific Thickness Cutting Encapsulated Cu Sheet using Model 850 Wire Saw Cutting Various Composite Materials for Microscopic Investigation Sample Preparation of Optical Crystals: Cutting and Polishing Methods Lapping and Polishing Basics GaN / Sapphire Prepared by the MicroCleave Technique Lapping and Polishing GaN Fiber Towers for VCSEL Applications Parallel Laping of Devices for Deprocessing Evaluation of the Polishing Quality for Edge Polished Silicon EELS of PLD DLC Prethinning for FIB TEM Sample Preparation using the Small Angle Cleavage Technique SACT Preparation of MBE Grown QWIP on GaAs The Small Angle Cleavage Technique: An Update Plasma Trimming Applications Monitoring and Measuring Plate Flatness Selecting a Diamond Wheel Improving High Resolution Images using Low Energy Ion Milling Cutting Steel/Cr Alloy using Various Diamond Wheels Improving Surface Quality of Petrographic Sections Comparing Wax Layer Thickness After Mounting Maintaining Plate Flatness Prior to Lapping and Polishing Applications of the GentleMill™ to FIB Prepared TEM Specimens A Method for Pre-FIB Specimen Preparation Processing YVO4 and Electro-Optic Crystals for Small Scale Fabrication Lapping and Polishing II-VI Semiconductors A Method for PVC Specimen Preparation Producing Smoothly Etched Surfaces using RIE Evaluating Surface Roughness of Si Following Selected Lapping and Polishing Processes Basic Arrangement of Model 910 and 920 for Processing Cross Sections Kerf Loss Comparisons Ion Beam Sputtering: Practical Applications to Electron Microscopy Evaluating Surface Roughness of Ion Beam Sputtered Iridium Using a Large Area Stage Proper Use of Wire Blades for the Model 850 Improved Sample Mounting for the TL-GM1 GentleMill™ A Simple and Repeatable Zeroing Process for the Model D 500i Dimpler Accessories for the Model 920 Lapping and Polishing Machine Setting up and Using Digital Controlled Lapping and Polishing Fixtures Cu Composite Plate Conditioning for Flatness Model 93031 Flattness Monitoring Kit SBT Statolith preparation KA160 7mm Catalyst Support Cross Sectional Prep of CEO2 films on NiW Cross sectional Prep of GaAs devices Quartz tips cut with 850 wire saw PVC plastic sample preparation Precision Dimpling of MgF2 for UV properties SBT Sardine Otolith Preparation Precision sectioning of LiF doped crystals Chemical Thinning Silicon with Model 550

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