Otolith and Statolith Sample Preparation

A precise system has been developed for the precise cutting and semi-automatic polishing of individually mounted otoliths.  Our system is a series of equipment and consumable supplies that can be tailored to the specific needs of the researcher.  A complete system would provide embedded materials as well as precision cutting and polishing machines, mirometer controlled polishing fixtures and specially selected abrasive materials.  Our system can be configured for processing single otoliths or for simultaneous processing of multiple otoliths.  By combining high precision processing with integrated equipment and consumables, otolith preparation time and quality can be significantly improved.

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195 - MultiLap™ Polishing Tool (Otolith Polisher) 195 - MultiLap™ Polishing Tool (Otolith Polisher) MODEL181 RAIL POLISHER MODEL181 RAIL POLISHER