MODEL PE2000 - Plasma Etcher

MODEL PE2000 - Plasma Etcher

Manufacturer: South Bay Technology, Inc.

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The PE 2000 RF Plasma Etcher is specifically designed for reactive gas plasma etching and surface treatments. The unit is capable of 150 watts RF forward power at 13.56 MHz and up to four gas processing. The system is ideal for R&D applications where single sample processing is needed and total control of each process parameter is necessary. Processes such as photoresist strip, BPSG removal, oxide and nitride layer etch, surface treatment of plastics and plasma cleaning are typical applications. Samples up to 6" diameter as well as irregular shaped substrates can be accommodated in the 200mm diameter vacuum chamber. A fully manual control system coupled with digital readouts and integral matching network with switching type power generator offer a wide range of experimental etch parameters.

Model PE2000 Includes everything necessary to operate:
  • 8" quartz chamber with RF shield (See below for other option); digital LCD timer; variable control digital LCD readouts of Forward Power;
  • Reflected Power, and DC Bias; RF, gas and vacuum interlocks; variable power for up to 150 watts; immersed stainless steel electrode;
  • capacitance manometer vacuum gauge w/LCD readout;
  • dual independent needle valves with safety locked solenoids; corrosive series, 2 stage rotary vane pump; FCC certification and 1 year warranty.

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Optional Accessories
DescriptionPart No.Price on request
Stainless Steel Chamber with Viewport, in place of Quartz ChamberPE2000-003/02-80171-01
Chamber Gasket (2 required per unit) for Quartz Chamber onlyBJG8/0570-008
Quartz Chamber (8" diameter x 5" high)PE2000-001/02-80169-01
RF Shield for Quartz ChamberPE2000-002/02-80170-01