MODEL PC2000 - Plasma Cleaner

MODEL PC2000 - Plasma Cleaner

Manufacturer: South Bay Technology, Inc.

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It has been well documented that low energy plasmas can be used to reactively etch or remove organic materials found on the surface of inorganic materials. This technology has been used by the industrial community to clean semiconductor wafers and optical materials for many years. A related technique is now being implemented in the field of electron microscopy, where specimens can become contaminated during the preparation process or from other sources. Current analytical instruments use tightly focused, intense beams that create carbon deposits on the specimen surface due to organic contamination. The PC2000 is designed to simultaneously clean the specimen and specimen stage, which minimizes, and in many cases, eliminates contamination of the specimen being analyzed. The specimen holder and specimen are subjected to reactive gas plasma prior to electron microscope analysis.

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Model PC2000 - Plasma Cleaner
DescriptionPart No.
3 side entry ports (1 viewport; 2 plugs); digital LCD timer; variable control digital LCD readouts of Forward Power; Reflected Power, and DC Bias; RF, gas and vacuum interlocks; variable power for up to 150 watts; immersed stainless steel electrode; 8” diameter x 4” high electropolished stainless steel chamber; capacitance monometer vacuum gauge w/LCD readout; “no tools” quick connect for specimen holder adapters; dual independent needle valves w/ safety locked solenoids; corrosive series, 2 stage rotary vane pump; FCC certification and 2 year warranty, CE certified.01-03768-01
Optional Accessories
DescriptionPart No.Price on request
Specimen stage adapter for JEOL side entry holders (for 100CX)PC150-01J
Specimen stage adapter for JEOL side entry holders (1210, 1220, 1230, 2010, 2010F, 3010, 3000F & 4010)PC150-01J2010
Specimen stage adapter for Philips side entry holdersPC150-01P
Specimen stage adapter for Zeiss side entry holdersPC150-01Z
Specimen stage adapter for Hitachi side entry holdersPC150-01H
Specimen stage adapter for LEO side entry holdersPC150-01L
Specimen stage adapter for Topcon side entry holdersPC150-01T
Specimen Stage Adapter, Blank for custom applicationsPC150-01B
Specimen Stage Adapter for Hitachi top entry holdersPC150-03H
Specimen stage adapter for VG top entry holdersPC150-03VG
Specimen stage adapter for other top entry holdersPC150-03XX
Vacuum storage container for JEOL side entry holdersPC150-02J
Vacuum storage container for JEOL side entry holders (1210, 1220, 1230, 2010, 2010F, 3010, 3000F & 4010)PC150-02J2010
Vacuum storage container for Philips side entry holdersPC150-02P
Vacuum storage container for Zeiss side entry holdersPC150-02Z
Vacuum storage container for Hitachi side entry holdersPC150-02H
Vacuum storage container for Topcon side entry holdersPC150-02T
Vacuum storage container for LEO side entry holdersPC150-02L
Port Plug for JEOL specimen stage adapter (for 100CX)PC150-04J
Port Plug for JEOL specimen stage adapter (1210, 1220, 1230, 2010, 2010F, 3010, 3000F & 4010)PC150-04J2010
Port Plug for Philips specimen stage adapterPC150-04P
Port Plug for Zeiss specimen stage adapterPC150-04Z
Port Plug for Hitachi specimen stage adapterPC150-04H
Port Plug for LEO specimen stage adapterPC150-03L
Port Plug for Topcon specimen stage adapterPC150-03T
Chamber Gasket (2 required per unit)BJG8
Vacuum Pumping Station, 4 stationPC2000-VPS