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Manufacturer: Sairem Microwave Equipment

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SAIREM's microwave and radio frequency laboratory equipment LabotronTM have been developed to investigate the heating of different products using high frequency and to assist with the optimisation of process parameters, such as required power, residence time and treatment temperature. They can be easily configured to run in continuous flow or in batch conditions in view of obtaining reproducible results to be used in scaling-up to industrial scale.

The LabotronTM FL8000 - 2.45 GHz is a multi-energy microwave oven used by laboratories and industrial companies to investigate the synergy of the microwave energy with different other energies and treatment conditions like hot/cold air, vacuum, inert/controlled atmosphere etc.

The AMW FOND 120 - 2.45 GHz is high performance equipment designed for several products such as ceramics, pharmaceuticals etc.

SAIREM can offer advice on choosing the drying equipment and the frequency adapted to your needs; special configurations are also available upon request. SAIREM’s R & D team will be happy to help developing equipment specific to your application.