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Manufacturer: Sairem Microwave Equipment

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Sairem offers a whole range of industrial microwave assisted drying equipment.
Sairem’s dryers can be used to dry different products such as pharmaceutical, vegetal, powders, ceramics, polymers, wood etc.
The advantages of Sairem’s dryers are:
  • Selective drying to the core of the product, without degrading delicate materials such as vegetable matter, medicines and medical materials;
  • The possibility to remove free and linked water under a controlled atmosphere;
  • Strict control of drying temperatures and pressures;
  • Variable air temperature and speed adapted to process requirements;
  • Easy access for undertaking maintenance operations.
The products developed by SAIREM are equipped with humidity and air control in view of maintaining a constant level of humidity inside the microwave dryer and to avoid surface damage by quick drying.

SAIREM  offers a range of dryers operating at microwave frequencies 915 MHz and 2.45 GHz and radio-frequencies 13.56 MHz or 27.12 MHz depending on the product to dry.


Continuous flow RF and hot air dryer
100 kW, 27.12 MHz

Microwave vacuum batch dryer, 36 kW, 2.45 GHz

SAIREM also offers made-to-measure drying systems even under the most demanding operating conditions, such as drying quartz powder for optical applications or for drying medicines or medical products.


Microwave batch dryer 50 kW, 915 MHz for drying optical grade quartz powder

The capacity of the dryers developed by SAIREM depends on the drying conditions, the level of humidity and the geometry of the product to be treated.
SAIREM can offer advice on choosing the drying equipment and the frequency adapted to your needs; special configurations are also available upon request. SAIREM’s R & D team will be happy to help developing equipment specific to your application.