The properties of microwaves make them very well suited to dry materials in a fast and elegant way. The modern microwave drying systems are all equipped with the necessary safety measures to ensure completely safe processing for both operator and product. Careful design of the process parameters is necessary to obtain optimal results from the microwave technology in drying.

Thanks to there expertise and know-how, SAIREM is able to offer a range of drying equipment assisted by microwaves and radio-frequency. This equipment associates microwave power with hot air, steam or vacuum, for excellent drying performance in several applications such as drying of pharmaceutical products, vegetal products, powders, ceramics, polymers and wood treatment etc.
The equipment proposed by Sairem for microwave assisted drying offer several important advantages:
  • Selective drying to the core of the product without degradation of delicate materials such as vegetable matter, medicines and medical material;
  • The possibility to remove free and linked water under a controlled atmosphere;
  • Strict control of drying temperatures and pressures: drying at atmospheric pressure or under vacuum;
  • Ventilators to recycle air at variable speed adapted to process requirements.

All equipment features easy access during maintenance operations.

Laboratory pilot microwave drying tunnel

Laboratory/pilot microwave drying tunnel
Total power 12 kW, 2.45 GHz

Industrial Process Industrial Process Laboratory & Pilot Laboratory & Pilot