The INTLI Technology

The INTLI Technology

Manufacturer: Sairem Microwave Equipment

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Discover SAIREM’s new INTLI technology - Internal Transmission Line - for performing clean, fast and energetic chemistry, patents WO2009/122101 and WO2009/122102.

The new INTLI technology enables very high density of activation energy transmitted directly in to the reaction medium while maintaining an efficient external cooling. For the first time the microwave energy can be efficiently & reproducibly used in continuous flow processes.

With there new technology INTLI, SAIREM opens new prospects to the microwave assisted chemistry:
  • Access to new synthesis thanks to very high densities of activation energy;
  • Simultaneous cooling of the reaction mixtures via a double jacket;
  • Microwave energy transmitted directly into the reaction medium using high density electromagnetic fields adapted to each reaction mixture;
  • Synthesis in batch or continuous flow;
  • Innovative solution for the extraction of vegetal or biological molecules;
  • The latest generation of 915 MHz and 2450 MHz microwave generators with power levels from a few watts up to 100 kW.
Sairem can offer advice on choosing the equipment and the frequency adapted to your needs; special configurations are also available upon request. Sairem’s R & D team will be happy to help developing equipment specific to your application.