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SAIREM’s microwave laboratory equipment is the essential tool for performing continuous and batch chemical synthesis and extraction, working with heterogeneous or homogenous reactions including magnetic or mechanical stirring. In addition to its great flexibility and very small footprint, the equipment is user friendly with commands and set-points entered directly on a digital touch screen, allowing continuous control and monitoring of the forward power, the reflected power, the temperature and the pressure.

MiniLabotron™ 2000

Labotron™ X6000

The MiniFlow 200SS is the MUST HAVE in all laboratories; easy-to-use microwave-assisted reactor specifically designed for chemistry, pharmaceutical, biochemistry applications gives the possibility to work with small quantities of sample and equally, to be used as a teaching device that allows the user to learn and understand the principles of microwave assisted chemistry in connection with all relevant microwave waveguide and coaxial components.

The Minilabotron 2000 has the flexibility to meet all laboratory requirements; the system can be easily configured to perform different applications including reactions in liquid phase, solid phase and gas phase in homogeneous and heterogeneous mixtures.

The Minilabotron 2000 is constructed of high-grade stainless steel, with high degree of finishing, i.e. inside and outside surfaces are covered by a non-corrosive, high impact resistant resin layer. The microwave cavity is designed and dimensioned to provide a very uniform microwave field.

MiniFlow 200SS with continuous flow reactor

The LABOTRONTM is a modular system based on the INTLI technology which brings remarkable performance to the microwave-assisted processing carried out in batch or continuous flow, WO2009/122101 & WO2009/122102.
The LABOTRON is the essential equipment for chemists to carry out chemical reactions in continuous flow or in batch and also, to carry out extractions. The LABOTRON offers a high level of flexibility and control providing optimized microwave energy efficiency and enhanced safety.

The LABOTRON can cover a wide area of chemical processes enabling efficient and reproducible syntheses from a few grams/hour to more than 1 kg/hour


Labotron S2000 with continuous flow reactor

 The LABOTRON improves considerably the performance of microwave-assisted chemistry due to:

  • Adjustable power from a few watts to many kilowatts;
  • Optimized geometry of the INTLI to achieve high power densities inside the reactor, up to 10 kW/L;
  • Direct reading of forward and reflected power values to enable the correct calculation of the energy absorbed by the irradiated sample;
  • Automatic impedance tuning for minimal levels of reflected power;
  • Efficient external cooling via a cooling jacket;
  • PLC-based controller and touch screen user interface; all system functions and status, including recipe changes, alarms and chemical levels are accessible from the touch screen display;
  • Efficient mechanical stirring with adjustable speed;
  • Reactors adapted for homogeneous and heterogeneous chemistry, in liquid and solid phase, under vacuum or high pressure;
  • Quick-connections for increased flexibility and rapid cleaning & maintenance;
  • Possibility of adapting several types of reactors – standard or custom made – on the U-waveguide;
  • On-line reagents addition and products removal & sampling;
  • Based on a mobile platform for quick laboratory installation and positioning.
Sairem can offer advice on choosing the equipment and the frequency adapted to your needs; special configurations are also available upon request. Sairem’s R & D team will be happy to help developing equipment specific to your application.