OC Three PTFE Paste Joint and Thread Sealer

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OC® Three PTFE Paste is a water-based, oxygen-safe PTFE product. It is a homogenous white paste that is anti-corrosive, anti-galling, anti-seize, and water-soluble. It is also chemically-inert, lubricating, non-flammable, non-migrating, non-toxic, and odorless. OC Three is suited for use in temperatures from -400ºF to +500ºF and in mid-vacuum use to 10-3 torr. It can also be used in pressures up to 3500 psi (10,000 psi for fuel systems, 300 psi for natural gas).

A superior PTFE thread sealant paste that seals safely and more effectively than any Teflon® tape, OC Three replaces Teflon tape in any application. It has been approved by NASA and BAM for gaseous and liquid oxygen service.

OC Three is conveniently packaged in a 4 oz. (113.4 gm) tube with easy apply nip and cap.

OC Three is a water based product that is not well suited for wet conditions. For wet conditions, we recommend the use of OC Five, OC Seven or OC Nine.

  • Water soluble
  • Anti-galling
  • Anti-corrosive
  • Anti-seize
  • Chemically inert
  • Non-toxic
  • Non-flammable
  • Non-migrating
  • Odorless
Areas of Application
  • Industrial gas
  • Food processing
  • Oxygen and acetylene cylinder valves
  • Fuel systens
  • Extreme temperature equipment
  • Mid vacuum applications

OC® Seven Grease is compatible with many aggressive chemicals, including:
AcetyleneFluorine (gaseous)Phosphoric acid
Aluminum chlorideHeliumPotassium perchlorate
Ammonium nitrateHydrogenPotassium persulfate
Ammonium percholrateHydrogen bromidePropylene oxide
Antimony trichlorideHydrogen peroxide (all concentrations)Silane
BromineHydrogen sulfideSilicone tetrachloride
Calcium hypochloriteHydroiodic acidSodium hypochlorite
Carbon dioxideIodineSodium perchlorate
ChlorosilanesMuriatic acidSulfur dioxide
Chlorosulfonic acidNitric acidSulfur trioxide
Chromic acidNitrogen OxidesSulfuric acid
Chromyl nitrateOleumThionyl chloride
EthyleneOxygen (liquid & gaseous)Titanium tetrachloride