Moorfield Nanotechnology

nanoEM by Moorfield.
High-performance coating for electron microscopy applications.

  • Optimised for electron microscopy applications
  • Multi-technique, e.g, gold and carbon
  • Single or dual-source models
  • Water-cooled sources for continuous operation
  • Industry standard sputtering targets
  • Best uniformity and coating quality
  • SEM stub/TEM grid/wafer substrate supports
  • High-vacuum base pressures -7 mbar
  • High performance DC power supplies
  • Automatic recipe control via touchscreen HMI

Moorfield are experts in vacuum coating technology and have a global customer base built up over more than 20 years.

The nanoEM system is the first electron microscopy (EM) coating tool with a full research-grade feature set. The units have stainless-steel chambers, turbomolecular pumping systems, water-cooled circular magnetrons for continuous operation, and a precision sputtering power supply (DC; up to 300 W) as standard. All in a space-saving benchtop package. Ease-of-use and coating speed are built in, for routine preparation of TEM/SEM samples. But with high-end components and compatibility with conventional targets the possibilities are endless.

Key Features:Moorfield nanoEM

• Electron microscopy and research-grade coating
• Compact, benchtop unit
• Stub/grid/wafer substrate supports
• Industry-standard sputtering targets
• Turbomolecular pumping to < 5 × 10-7 mbar
• MFC-controlled process gas
• Variable output DC power supply, up to 300 W
• Fully automatic operation via touchscreen HMI
• Automatic pressure control option
• Equipped for easy servicing
• Comprehensive safety features
• Cleanroom compatible
• Proven performance

Pure Metal Targets
Graphite C
Gold Au
Palladium Pd
Platinum Pt
Silver Ag
Chromium Cr
Iridium Ir
Moorfield nanoEM - SINGLE SOURCE Moorfield nanoEM - SINGLE SOURCE Moorfield nanoEM - DUAL SOURCE Moorfield nanoEM - DUAL SOURCE