Moorfield nanoEM - DUAL SOURCE

Moorfield nanoEM - DUAL SOURCE

The nanoEM system is the first electron microscopy (EM) coating tool with a full research-grade feature set. The dual source model comes with two magnetron sputtering sources. This allows for deposition of different materials (e.g., gold and carbon) without changing targets. In addition, multi-layer coatings are also possible.  As standard, the unit is shipped with one sample stage for SEM stubs, TEM grids or wafers (specify with order).

Key Features:Moorfield nanoEM

• Electron microscopy and research-grade coating
• Compact, benchtop unit
• Stub/grid/wafer substrate supports
• Industry-standard sputtering targets
• Turbomolecular pumping to < 5 × 10-7 mbar
• MFC-controlled process gas
• Variable output DC power supply, up to 300 W
• Fully automatic operation via touchscreen HMI
• Automatic pressure control option
• Equipped for easy servicing
• Comprehensive safety features
• Cleanroom compatible
• Proven performance

Moorfield nanoEM     Moorfield nanoEM Moorfield nanoEM       Moorfield nanoEM

The base package is a fully functional tool, but various options allow for customisation to specific requirements.

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DescriptionPrice on request
Chamber viewport - fits the coating chamber with a glass viewport for process monitoring.
Dry backing pump - upgrades the nanoEM backing pump to an oil-free model (Edwards nXDS6i).
Turbomolecular pump removal - removes the turbomolecular pump from the pumping system, and downgrades the pressure gauge to a pirani model.
Source shutter - equips the tool with a pneumatic shutter located just above the magnetron sputtering sources for protection of substrate while sources are being set up.
Plasma glow electrode - an electrode is fitted in close proximity to the substrate stage allowing for sample etching prior to deposition. Note that this is not compatible with stage tilt.
Fast vent - for high throughput use, this module allows chamber venting in just a few minutes.
Substrate rotation - a rotation motor allows for rotation of substrates for high-uniformity coating.
Automatic pressure control - repeatability of magnetron sputtering results depends on chamber pressure; this option allows the system to control chamber pressure to ±0.1 mTorr.
Quartz crystal rate/thickness sensor - fitting the system with a quartz crystal sensor head enables monitoring of coating rates and thicknesses for calibration purposes.
Spare TEM grid stage - the system is provided with an additional stage for SEM stubs.
Spare SEM stub stage - the system is provided with an additional stage for TEM grids.
Spare 2"/4" wafer stage - the system is provided with an additional stage for 2"/4" wafers.
Stage tilt - allows for tilting of the substrate stage for inclined coating.