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Ion Beam Sputter Deposition and
Etching System

Ion Beam Sputter Deposition and Etching SystemModel IBS/e

The Model IBS/e is a high vacuum thin film deposition system designed to precisely deposit sub-nanometer grain, conductive coatings onto specimens prior to examination in the electron microscope. Thin, conductive films are deposited onto specimens to prevent charging effects and to enhance contrast. Thin films are deposited using two ion beam sources directed at a target material, eliminating radiation or heating effects common with other coating techniques. Extremely thin, continuous metal or carbon films are deposited without risking damage to delicate features present on the specimen. Virtually any target material can be used for ion beam deposition with precise control over the deposition thickness. An optional third ion source allows specialized ion beam etching techniques to be employed. The ability to deposit amorphous, continuous films makes the IBS/e system ideal for high resolution electron microscopy techniques.

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Included Parts
The system includes integral Work Chamber with Independent Rotate and Tilt IBSe
(IRT) Specimen Stage for etching and sputter deposition. The IRT Speciment Stage  
has 9 different delaying tilt motions with ± 99° tilt range,selectable in ±1° increments.  
Rotation speed is continuously adjustable. IRT Specimen Stage executes tilt &  
rotation motions in sputter deposition or etching positions. A sight window in the  
hinged chamber provides viewing specimen/target/beam striking locations.  
Two sputtering targets, two ion sources and a blanked port for optional 3rd etching  
ion source, QC Thickness Monitor are supplied. Sputtering or Etching is terminated  
when the ion source HV Power Supply receives a signal from the Preset/Elapsed  
Timer and/or preset film thickness from the QC Thickness Monitor.  
250l/s TMP/D pump produce hydrocarbon free high vacuum.  
Chamber N2 venting automatically shuts off and a Cold Cathode Gauge digitally  
displays chamber pressure from 5x10-3 to 5 x 10-8 Torr. IBS/e is enclosed in a  
modular table top cabinet.  
Supplied with the system:  
1. Standard 1 ? & 2 in. ? Platform Specimen Carriers  
2. A specimen carrier designed to hold specimen stubs for a particular EM  
3. Iridium & Carbon Targets and KBr Scintillator for beam observations  
4. Initial Spares Pack  
* specify voltage option when ordering (120 or 240 vac) 
Optional Accessories
DescriptionItemEnter Qty.
Etching Ion Source (mounted in item IBS/e when purchased) 02-06030-01
Replacement Source Anode Assembly 02-06148-01
Large Area Stage (4 in.[100mm]) 02-06108-01
Ar and N2 regulators (each) 20.0231
Specimen Carriers
DescriptionItemEnter Qty.
Standard specimen carrier (1.25 in. diameter platform carrier) 01-06076-01
Standard specimen carrier (2 in. diameter platform carrier) 01-06131-02
1/8" diameter pin specimen carrier, 1.25 in. diameter 01-06078-01
4 position, 10mm stub diameter specimen carrier, 1.25 in. diameter 30.1110i
3 position, 12mm stub diameter specimen carrier, 1.25 in. diameter 30.1120i
Stub for Hitachi FESEM Specimen Mount 30.1130i
Flat pinch specimen carrier, 1.25 in. diameter 30.1140i
TEM 3mm grid specimen carrier, 1.25 in. diameter 30.1200i
Targets - Precious metal and semi-precious metal targets are subject to market fluctuations, others
DescriptionItemEnter Qty.
Potassium Bromide Scintillator (for beam observation) 01-06142-01
Gold2 01-06172-01
Platinum 01-06170-01
Palladium2 30.2030i
Gold / Palladium2 30.2040i
Carbon 01-06146-01
Tantalum 01-06193-01
Tungsten 01-06191-01
Chromium 01-06148-01
Iridium 01-06144-01
SilverSuper 2 30.2100i
Nickel Target 30.2110i
Titanium Target 01-06195-01
Retrofit Options
DescriptionItemEnter Qty.
Quartz Crystal Thickness Monitor 30.0310i
SI 08 Ion Source (SiO8 Ion Source retrofits to a second sputtering or etching port. Needle valve, connecting Ar tue and SHV high voltage cable included). 30.0410i
SIO8/07 Ion Source Mating Flange S108/07
E IRT Stage for IBS/e 02-06015-01
E IRT Stage Controller for IBS/e 02-06016-01
Spare Parts
DescriptionItemEnter Qty.
SI O8 Source Spares Pack (6 sets) Includes: 6 qty. Front Cathodes / 6 qty. Rear Cathodes / 36 qty. Calibrated ceramic insulators 02-80137-01
Front shield for SI O8 Ion source 01-06047-01
Rear shield for SI O8 Ion source 01-06048-01
Anode for SI O8 Ion source 01-06049-01
HV Conductor for SI O8 Ion source 01-06051-01
Rear cathode for SI O8 Ion source 01-06057-01
Front cathode for SI O8 Ion source 01-06058-01
IBS chamber / eIRT O-ring set 30.3100i
SI O8 Source Alignment Tool 30.3200i
Calibrated Ceramic Insulators (6 qty.) 02-80136-01
RP Mist Eliminator Cartridge 90.4000i
SIO8/O7b Anode Assembly Cleaning Service- 1 source SIO8/O7b
Service Rate (1 hour minimum) - at factory 90.7000i
High voltage cable (for Model IBS TM200) 02-06024-01
Target blanks (Al) 01-06028-01
Anode Assembly Exchange Exchange Program (Old anode must be returned after receiving replacement). 02-06148-01EX
Crystal for thickness monitor, pkg 1 01-06137-01
Crystal for thickness monitor, pkg 10 0676-010

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