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Penning Gauge

The Penning Gauge PEG100 provides reliable high vacuum measurements. The rugged penning cold cathode sensor has no filament to burn out. Due to titanium cathode plates and the reduced high voltage after plasma ignition, the gauge can be operated also in sputtering applications. The fieldbus options, in addition to the logarithmic analog output signal, allow easy integration into vacuum systems using Profibus DP or DeviceNet protocols.

User Advantages:

  • Wide measurement range from 1 x 10 -9 to 1 x 10 -2 mbar
  • All-metal cold cathode sensor (Penning) with ceramic feedthrough
  • New electrode geometry provides excellent ignition properties
  • Decreased high voltage after plasma ignition and titanium cathode plates reduce risk of contamination, even during sputtering operations with argon
  • The anode ring and the titanium cathode can be cleaned or replaced easily
  • Minimal magnetic field intensity adjacent to gauge
  • LED indicator for power on and plasma ignited
  • Logarithmic analog output signal
  • Fieldbus interface (Profibus DP, DeviceNet) for easy integration into vacuum systems using network communications

Typical Applications:

  • High vacuum pressure monitoring
  • Evaporation and sputtering systems
  • General vacuum measurement and control in the fine and high vacuum range

The Penning Gauge PEG100 is a cold cathode sensor based on the well proven principle of Penning. For degassing of the all-metal sensor with Al 2 O3 current feedthrough, the housing of the transmitter with its electronics and magnet may easily be removed. The magnet offers a closed magnetic field for negligible stray field. The PEG therefore may also be installed close to sensitive parts within a system. The anode ring and the titanium cathode plates may be exchanged easily for quick maintenance should they become contaminated. Since sputtered titan is not magnetic - limiting the build up of short circuits within the sensor - the risk of contamination is greatly reduced. The newly designed cathode plate acts as a baffle for the sensor.


Fieldbus allows processes or applications the flexibility and control of network communications. It permits communication of exact digital information, independent control, maintenance and diagnostic routines for each connected instrument and simplifies your connection diagram. The measures of control include: monitoring of measurement values, automatic zero point adjustment of gauges, update operator of scheduled maintenance work, warning signals in case of instrument failure, and more.

Profibus DP

The central automation systems, e.g. PLC/PC or process control systems, communicate through a fast serial connection with decentralized instruments such as I/O, motors, valves and pressure transducers. The exchange of data with the decentralized instruments takes place mostly in cycles. The basic functions of the Profibus DP Communication Profile also include acyclic communication services for parameter setting, controlling, monitoring, and alert functions of intelligent instruments.


The DeviceNet interface supports polling, bit strobe and change of state/cyclic commands. Like with other DeviceNet instruments the user can monitor and control all available sensor functions. ASSOCIATED TECHNICAL INFORMATION:


Operations and Maintenance Manuals:

Gebrauchsanleitung - tina13d1, PEG050, Penning Gauge (tina13d1.pdf)

Gebrauchsanleitung - tina14d1, PEG100, Penning Gauge (tina14d1.pdf)

Operating Manual - tina13e1, PEG050, Penning Gauge (tina13e1.pdf)

Operating Manual - tina14e1, PEG100, Penning Gauge (tina14e1.pdf)

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