XTC/3 Thin Film Deposition Controller

XTC/3 Thin Film Deposition Controller

Manufacturer: INFICON

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Advanced, Affordable Rate Control for Single or Multiple Layers

Now get everything you want in a thin film deposition controller for single and multiple-layer processes. The XTC/3 with patented ModeLock provides proven mode hop prevention for consistent quality. With the XTC/3 Thin Film Deposition Controller, you get highly accurate control of deposition rate and thickness, the capacity for virtually any number of layers, easy installation, and extremely high reliability to ensure productivity.

INFICON, the global leader in thin film deposition control, now offers an instrument with a remarkably low cost of ownership for unprecedented value.

Whether your control needs reflect production or research and development use, you will find a precise match in the INFICON XTC/3.

Worldwide INFICON Support

No matter where you are, you get fast answers, attentive service, and maximum uptime. With offices around the world, INFICON is the only manufacturer of thin film deposition controllers to offer you local service and technical support around the world.


  • Available in single-layer and multiple-layer models
  • Patented ModeLock technology prevents film thickness errors caused by mode-hopping
  • Supports INFICON Crystal 12®, Crystal Six®, and dual sensor automatic crystal switching for maximum productivity
  • XTC/3M multiple-layer model supports up to 99 processes, 999 layers, 32 films, 2 sensors, and two sources
  • XTC/3S single-layer model supports up to 9 films, 2 sensors, and two sources
  • Easy-to-read TFT LCD graphics displays
  • Films and processes can be assigned unique, descriptive names for easy retrieval
  • Ethernet connection available
  • Free-standing (no computer necessary) or optional Windows® software for PC operation
  • Plug-and-play replacement for INFICON XTC/2 controllers (limited to XTC/2 features and command set)

Typical Applications

  • High End Optical Coatings


The XTC/3 front panel has been re-designed to meet our new INFICON
corporate standards.

The XTC/3M is the first thin film product to incorporate the new design and
is currently shipping on new products. The new front panel design on the
XTC/3S will start shipping in late 2013. Front panels for other thin
film products will be updated in 2014 and 2015.