VSC150A absolute switch, passiv

VSC150A absolute switch, passiv

Manufacturer: INFICON

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The INFICON Vacuum Switch VSC150 is a absolute pressure switch with a adjustable electrical switching contact from 0.5 to 2000 mbar. The mechanical design allows a short therm overload of 3000 mbar without any impairing the switching accuracy of ± 0.1 mbar. INFICON offers customer specific adjustment of pressure switch.


  • High switching accuracy (± 0.1 mbar)
  • Stable long term operating characteristics
  • Rugged, corrosion protected design


  • Switching contacts (normally closed) in the reference chamber and thus protected against process media
  • Increased switching capability when using switching amplifier
  • Adapter available for differential pressure measurement

Typical Applications

  • Pressure switch or differential pressure switch to control valves, pumps, power supplies
  • Load lock chambers
  • Process chambers