Vakuummessgerät-Controller und Kabel

The INFICON controllers offer superior accuracy and reliability in a compact design, enabling simple system integration along with a single point of access for multiple pressure readings across the complete range of measurement technologies. A full range of INFICON cables are available to facilitate ease of integration.

Our range comprises a single channel low cost gauge display, through to a range of single, dual and three channel multi functional economical controllers. The illuminated multi-digit display indicates each channel and up to six integrated set points, independently. Each channel can be used independently or combined with other channels to enable optimum price to performance ratio over the complete vacuum range, with minimal integration.

Vakuummessgerät-Controller Vakuummessgerät-Controller Pirani Messgerät-Display Pirani Messgerät-Display Katalog und Broschüren für Vakuummessgeräte und Komponenten Katalog und Broschüren für Vakuummessgeräte und Komponenten Prüfzertifikat-Service Prüfzertifikat-Service Kalibierservice für Vakuummessgeräte Kalibierservice für Vakuummessgeräte