UHV Bakeable Sensor

UHV Bakeable Sensor

Manufacturer: INFICON

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INFICON UHV Bakeable Crystal Sensors offer proven reliability and durability and have the best thermal stability of any sensor head on the market. Made from 304 Stainless Steel, Molybdenum, Inconel, Nickel, and Alumina materials, the UHV Bakeable Sensor is designed to withstand continuous bakeout temperatures up to 450° C (for bakeout only, water flow required for actual deposition monitoring). The front load design allows for easy insertion of the crystal holder in applications lacking sufficient room for side insertion.


  • High temperature braze & welded construction
  • Bakeout temperatures to 450° C
  • Crystal shutter (option)
  • Front load crystal holder
  • Easy installation
  • CF40 feedthrough
  • No brazing or welding to feedthrough required
  • Sensor/feedthrough combination welded to customer specified lengths