SKY® CDG025D 0.1 ... 1000 Torr / mbar

SKY® CDG025D 0.1 ... 1000 Torr / mbar

Manufacturer: INFICON

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The INFICON SKY CDG025D Capacitance Diaphragm Gauge line of highly accurate temperature compensated manometers is designed for stable performance in harsh manufacturing tool environments. Advanced digital electronics improve gauge performance and offer easy handling features such as one pushbutton zero function and setpoint adjustment. The corrosion resistant ceramic sensor provides excellent zero stability with a long life expectancy of several million pressure cycles, including atmospheric bursts. A unique sensor shielding (patent pending) protects the gauge from process contamination. A robust mechanical design and digital electronics improve EMC compatibility, long term stability and temperature compensation. The CDG025D sets new standards for fast stability after power on and fast recovery from atmospheric pressure exposure.


  • Full scale ranges from 100 mTorr … 1000 Torr
  • Fast stability after power on
  • Fast recovery from atmospheric pressure
  • Corrosion resistant ceramic sensor
  • Excellent long term signal stability
  • Temperature compensated
  • Sensor protected from contamination
  • One pushbutton zero function
  • Wide range power supply

Typical Applications

  • Semiconductor manufacturing equipment for Etch, CVD, PVD, ALD
  • Data storage and display manufacturing equipment
  • Industrial vacuum equipment
  • General high accuracy pressure measurement