IC6 Thin Film Deposition Controller

IC6 Thin Film Deposition Controller

Manufacturer: INFICON

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Feature-Rich IC6 Provides the Best Measurement Precision Possible

The IC6 Thin Film Deposition Controller provides exceptional value by combining the proven performance of INFICON thin film controllers with unique features, all designed for you to achieve the most from your deposition process. The IC6 uses our ModeLock frequency measurement system to provide stable, high-resolution rate and thickness measurement with an industry-leading rate resolution of 0.00433 Å/s every 1/10 second. No other quartz crystal controller has the performance, quality, and features of the IC6, allowing you to make excellence repeatable.


  • INFICON ModeLock technology ensures the most stable, highest resolution rate and thickness measurement available, even at very low rates
  • Auto Z improves thickness accuracy by automatically determining the Z-ratio as material is deposited
  • Codeposition of up to six sources simultaneously
  • Color TFT LCD display makes it easy to see what's going on with your process
  • +/-0.0035 Hz over 100ms sample
  • USB data storage for screen shots, recipe storage and data logging
  • Powerful I/O with flexibility to integrate into simple or complex systems (using expandable Inputs (28) and Outputs (24 Relays, 14 TTL outputs), and use of logic functions (100 logic statements)
  • 6 DAC outputs standard, 6 additional optional for source control, rate or thickness monitoring
  • Can accommodate up to 50 processes of 200 layers each and processes can be linked together for a maximum of 10,000 layers
  • Multiple sensor averaging for up to 8 sensors
  • 4 meter XIU option provides the ability to use long in-vacuum sensor cables for large systems
  • Optional Ethernet communications
  • RoHS compliant

Typical Applications

  • High End Optical Coating