Cube CDGsci

Cube CDGsci

Manufacturer: INFICON

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The high end INFICON Cube Capacitance Diaphragm Instrument is the most accurate (≤ 0.025 % Rd accuracy; ≤ 50 ppm FS Repeatability) and most stable vacuum gauge available (< 5 ppm FS/ °C temperature stability; < 70 ppm FS/ year long term stability). Cube is designed as a pure reference device to standardize vacuum measurement systems and is the only choice for vacuum research applications. The proven INFICON temperature controlled, corrosion resistant ultrapure ceramic sensor is the heart of the Cube`s outstanding performance. Cube sets new standards in modern communication and user flexibility with a 20 Bit analog output and RS232-C, TCP / IP and HTML digital output connected through wireless or wired Ethernet interface. Each device comes with a quality assurance certificate, hand-signed by the Cube’s leading product researchers. Delivery in a reusable hard shell suit case for storage or shipment to calibration laboratories underlines its professonality.


  • True high precision pressure measurement – Ceramic technology
  • Full stable output – Proven by PTB
  • Flexible communication – Various modern interfaces
  • All functions integrated – No controller required
  • Direct mounting to chamber – Optimized center of gravity
  • Transportation without isolation valve possible

Typical Applications

  • Transfer standard
  • Main reference gauge
  • Research
  • In-house standard