Crystal 12 Sensor

Crystal 12 Sensor

Manufacturer: INFICON

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Auto Crystal Switching Maximizes Production Time

The INFICON Crystal 12 Sensor replaces its crystals automatically without interrupting your process, when partnered with the INFICON IC6 Thin Film Deposition Controller. Whenever a crystal becomes unstable or fails, IC6 signals the Crystal 12 sensor carousel to immediately rotate a new crystal into position, for continuous deposition rate monitoring. To further minimize downtime, crystals can be preloaded into a second optional carousel, which can then be quickly and easily exchanged with the carousel containing the exhausted crystals, minimizing the time the system is open.


  • Holds 12 crystals with robust, automatic switching to maximize process up-time
  • Easy-to-remove carousel allows fast replacement of all 12 crystals
  • Stable crystal temperature, because crystal switching is pneumatically-driven (competitive units use heat generating motors)
  • Easy-to-remove front deposition shield protects the crystals and carousel from material accumulation, minimizing the need to remove entire sensor for maintenance
  • Optional mounting-post kit can be user-modified to accommodate metric hardware