Cool Drawer Dual Sensor

Cool Drawer Dual Sensor

Manufacturer: INFICON

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The Cool Drawer Dual Sensor is designed for use in critical processes where it is desirable to have a second crystal in the vacuum chamber. Water cooled, cast stainless steel sensor body, two Cool Drawer crystal holders and a pneumatically actuated shutter provide for a rugged sensor head with the extra reliability of a backup crystal. A cleaner, more reliable vacuum system installation is possible as there are no coaxial cables inside the chamber.


  • Dual crystals
  • Cool Drawer crystal holder
  • No internal cables
  • Crystal shutter
  • Available with: CF40 feedthrough and 2.54 cm (1 inch) bolt feedthrough
  • Bakeable if ordered with welded CF40 flange
  • Adjustable length if ordered with compression fittings
  • Sensor/feedthrough combinations available welded to customer specified lengths