Galden Perfluorosolv PFS-2 Solvent

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Galden® Perfluorosolv PFS-2 Solvent is a low molecular weight perfluoropolyether which can be used in many industrial applications. PFS-2 performs well in many electronic and semiconductor cleaning applications such as:

  • Pump and compressor cleaning-
  • Vapor blanketing
  • Degreasing
  • Flash point reduction
  • Dewatering
  • Trace residue elimination
PFS-2 solvent has been formulated to be compatible and completely miscible with perfluoropolyether (PFPE) and perfluorocarbon fluids at all temperatures and chlorotrifluoroethylene (CTFE) oils and greases above 45°C. All of these materials are used extensively in semiconductor and electronic manufacturing. PFS-2 solvent can also act as a diluent in the application of more viscous PFPE fluids or greases.

PFS-2 solvent is non-flammable and well suited for cleaning operations where:
  • solvents are applied to hot components
  • solvents are heated prior to application
  • solvents are pressure sprayed on components
  • solvents are used in forced air stream cleaning
  • extended immersion baths are required
PFS-2 has a lower boiling point and hence a higher evaporation rate compared to PFS-1. Parts cleaned with PFS-2 will dry faster that those cleaned with PFS-1. When using PFS-2, especially in open baths, it may be necessary to take precautions to avoid excessive losses from the bath.

Galden Perfluorosolv PFS-2 Solvent
Typical PropertiesPFS-2PFS-1
ODP (ozone depletion potential)zerozero
Boiling Point (ºC)5790
Density at 25ºC (g/ml)1.651.69
Viscosity at 25ºC( cSt)0.450.75
Vapor Pressure at (25ºC, torr)228100
Flash Point (ºC)nonenone
Surface Tension at 25ºC (dyne/cm)1014
Heat of Vaporization at boiling point (cal/g)2217