Coaxial ConnectorCoaxial Connector
Specifications- Coaxial Connector
          Insulation:  Alumina ceramic
          Magnetic Materials:  See table
          NPT Fitting:  316 Stainless steel
          Conductor:  See table
Voltage Rating   See table
Current Rating   See table
Temperature Range
     -269º C to 450º C
Pressure @ 20ºC
     See table
Leak Rate   <1x10-10 atm-cc/sec (He)

Coaxial Connector

Manufacturer: CeramTec

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Coaxial Connector
Coaxial TypeVoltage DCConductorDimensions APressure @ 20 ºCMagnetic MaterialsPart No.Price on request
BNC500 V3.6   304 Stn. Stl.0.90 [23]1400   97No9263-04-A
MHV5 kV3.6   304 Stn. Stl.0.90 [23]1400   97No9263-03-A
SHV5 kV16.5   Nickel1.2 [30]1600   110Yes9263-06-A