View Diameter: .50 [13]View Diameter: .50 [13]
Specifications: Extended Range
          Flange:  304 Stainless steel
          Magnetic Materials:  Yes
          O- ring:  Viton®
          Optics:  See Table
Transmission Range
     0.12 to 20 Microns ( See table)
Temperature Range
     -8º C to 204º C
Leak Rate   <1x10-10 atm-cc/sec (He)

View Diameter: .50 [13]

Manufacturer: CeramTec

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View Diameter: .50 [13]
MaterialInstallationAnti-reflective CoatingsTransmission Range% MinPart No.Price on request
Zinc Selenide1 1/3" ConFlat (NW16CF)10.6 Micron10.6 Micron optimized   9819485-01-CF
Cleartran1 1/3" ConFlat (NW16CF)10.6 Micron10.6 Micron optimized   9819485-02-CF
Zinc Selenide1 1/3" ConFlat (NW16CF)No0.55 to 18 Microns   -19485-05-CF
Calcium Fluoride1 1/3" ConFlat (NW16CF)No0.12 to 9 Microns   -19485-04-CF
Magnesium Fluoride1 1/3" ConFlat (NW16CF)No0.12 to 7 Microns   -19485-03-CF