10 Pins Air Side Plug
Specifications- MIL-C-5015
          Insulation:  Alumina ceramic
          Magnetic Materials:  Yes
          Shell:  304 Stainless steel
          Thermocouple materials:  
          Chromel/ Alumel (Type K)
Temperature Range
     -269º C to 450º C
Pressure @ 20ºC
          ISO KF:  0 PSIG
          3 Pairs:  400 PSIG (28 Bar)
          5 Pairs:  350 PSIG (24 Bar)
          10 Pairs:  125 PSIG (8.6 Bar)
Leak Rate   <1x10-10 atm-cc/sec (He)

10 Pins Air Side Plug

Manufacturer: CeramTec

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10 Pins Air Side Plug
ANSI TypeThermocouple MaterialsDimensionsT/C PairsPart No.Price on request
KChromel/Alumel1.9 [49]4.3 [109]1015913-02-A